i'm holding you closer than most,
'cause you are my heaven.
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08 Nov - Locked

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please comment if you would like to be added.

My original journal became so ridiculous that I decided to move all of my original writing to another location. I couldn't find anything and it was driving me crazy. It will take a while to move a few hundred entries, so bear with me. I don't really want to use the import function and just move that mess over here.

So that's what's here. This is all original poetry or prose by me. And because I have a tendency to be a complete sap at times, a great deal of it has some kind romantic flair to it. Whether it be erotic, crushes, falling in love, heartbreak, whatever. If that sounds like your thing and you'd like to read some, please let me know and I'll be happy to add you. 

Otherwise, thanks for stopping by! ♥

(as a sidenote, i coded this journal specifically for chrome. if it displays wonky in other browsers, i'm sorry.  it was too much of a headache to try and get them all to play well together. it's only slightly off in firefox and i don't use IE. Tablets are kinda wonky too. I just really liked this layout. )

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